Independent & Assisted Living Transition Service

As a full-service SENIORS REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST REALTOR®, I provide a wide range of services going beyond just selling the house.


As your advocate, I will help you transition into your new lifestyle:


1.  Connect you to a free Senior Placement Service to locate the best facility for your needs and budget.


2.  The sale of the property will be made contingent on the Seller finding their home of choice.

3.  Coordinate the sale of the property with the move into your new home.

4.  Assist in space planning and help you decide on which furniture and items you will take to your new home.

5.  Assist with disposing of extra furniture, vehicles, personal items.

6. Get quotes and interview moving companies and coordinate the move on moving day.

7.  Schedule a cleaning service prior to moving out of your property.

8.  Coordinate the disconnecting of utilities and notifying the U.S. Mail, IRS, DMV, Social Security, Financial Institutions, etc. of your move.

9.  Once you move in, I will ensure that you get assistance arranging your furniture, hanging pictures and preparing your bed for your first night sleep.

10.   Help you locate any items so you don’t feel lost.


11.  Periodically checking in with you to ensure that you have a smooth transition into your new lifestyle.

How may I

help You?

BETTY FERNANDEZ REALTOR®            Broker-Associate

(805) 766-1495

DRE #01452802


Former Certified Residential Appraiser

Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES)

Bilingual English/Spanish


Five Myths of Aging

1. I am never growing old.

2. My kids will take care of me.

3. I am not leaving my house unless it's in a pine box.

4. The government will take care of me if I run out of money.

5. I am safe because I have long-term care insurance.

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