Letter to the Parents

It is with the kindest consideration that I created this website resource for you and your adult children. Please know that I am here to help and provide information to assist you with the difficult task of walking through your final days and making decisions on where you are cared for and safe. I don't mean to upset you but not having a plan in place is not the right thing to do.


Avoiding these conversations with your children is a recipe for disaster. Stories abound of adult children at a loss when a parent suddenly needs help, or dies. Sorting through someone else’s finances and legal papers is never fun, but it can be a nightmare when they don’t know where to start – all while dealing with the emotional side of the situation. Trying to make decisions for a critically ill parent can be challenging when they don’t have the legal standing to do so.


Making plans in advance with your children can avoid headaches and heartache later on. Ideally, you will plan together before any major crisis occurs, such as a bad fall or illness.


I hope you will work with your family to find solutions.

Please feel free to communicate with me for additional information.


With love,

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Five Myths of Aging

1. I am never growing old.

2. My kids will take care of me.

3. I am not leaving my house unless it's in a pine box.

4. The government will take care of me if I run out of money.

5. I am safe because I have long-term care insurance.

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